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Purpose of Literacy Missions Ministries

We seek to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with people who have these specific needs:

  • internationals who need to speak English
  • adults who need to improve their reading skills
  • school-aged children and youth who need help with school work

Explore how Southern Baptist churches, associations, and state conventions are using Literacy Missions ministries to connect people to Jesus Christ.

English as a Second Language

Online/Live Hybrid Basic Workshop

Registration is open for the November course. The open dates are November 5-30.

Registration will close on November 10.

Use this link to the course:


What you need to know before you register:

  • Cost is $35 per person, payable when you register.
  • Participants will have about 1 month to finish the course, depending upon when they register..
  • There are assignments that must be completed satisfactorily: a testimony, organizational plan (can be done as a group if several from one church register), placement interview, and lesson plan. All of these are explained in the course. These are graded assignments.
  • Note: an online course may not the best option for those who have difficulty using a computer. 
  • Please be aware that the only way the course facilitator can assess the level of understanding of the material is through the responses in the lessons and assignments.  During a fully live workshop, the leader interacts with the participants to gauge their understanding.  In the online format, the work is done independently; more is required of the learner.  Due to the independent nature of the work, the course may take more or less time than it would in a fully live workshop to complete the material.
  • After the course is complete, we will schedule the live portion of the class. If more than one person from a church takes the online course at one time, we will work with the director to conduct the live workshop. Otherwise, we will work individually on how to schedule the live portion.
  • The live portion of the workshop includes the practice of essential drills for teaching beginning English speakers and emphasis on sharing the Gospel and using biblical materials in classes.
  • If a participant does not finish the workshop in the month they register, they will have to re-take the course and pay the registration fee again.
  • Future online courses will begin in January. 

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